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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

Yesterday we took Tala to the pumpkin patch in Clayton. If you're trying to stay away from the huge patches that make you feel like you're getting nickle & dimed for everything, this patch on Marsh Creek Road is a nice option. However, we did get sucked into paying $3 each to ride the train but it was worth it given that T has a slight train obsession.
Enjoying the train ride. It was actually pretty adorable.
As soon as T saw these baby pumpkins she exclaimed-"oranges!"
Oh the pressure of picking out the perfect pumpkin....
We plan for T to be a gold nugget for Halloween since we'll be in gold country (Angel's Camp) for Halloween) but she is absolutely terrified of the awesome gold costume that G-Ro made for her. She has a few other options, she inherited a butterfly costume from a friend and GK bought her these ladybug wings that she is mostly OK with. I had attempted to dress her in all black before heading out to the patch but she looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Mama-I no like shirt," so we went with the red one.
T was surprisingly not afraid of much at the pumpkin patch and posed appropriately in front of the haunted castle.
Not too sure what the pumpkins are used for but the little follower she is, she climbed all over them like the other kids.
Her favorite ended up being the one she held the longest. We paid $3 the pumpkin and headed back home given that we were creeping close to her nap time.

Stopped with G-Ro to listen to some live music.
On our way bck to the car T tried out the hay maze (not really a maze, more like a dark dusty tunnel). This perked her right up though-she ran through it 4-5 more times laughing when she came out saying, "again!"
The following day T allowed me to do all of the carving and showed absolutely no interest in pumpkin guts.
We named it baby pumpkin head. Happy Halloween!

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